Texas Blues Guitar legend Buddy Whittington
Dr. Wu and Friends - Texas Blues Project, Vol. 2 CD

Dr. Wu' is:

Bryan Freeze - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion
Jim Ashworth - Guitars

With Friends:

Buddy Whittington - Guitar (All tracks except 2,3,8)/Vocals (Tracks 1,4,5,7)
Bobby Counts - Bass (Tracks 1,5,7,11)
Glen Rothstein - Saxaphone (Track 1)
Mike Gage - Drums (Tracks 4,5,10,11)
Mike Kennedy - Drums (Tracks 1,2,3,7,9,12)
Charlie Bassham - Vocals (racks 2,3)
Mace Maben - Guitar (Track 2)
Danny Hubbard - Rhythm Guitar (Tracks 2,3)
Red Young - Hammond B3 Organ (Tracks 2,3,10)
Jerry Hancock - Bass (Tracks 2,3,10)
Dave Milsap - Rhythm Guitar (Track 3)
Gary Grammer - Harmonica Tracks 5,6,7,9)
Michael "Mouse" Mayes - Guitar (Tracks 8,9) / Vocals (Tracks 6,8,9)
Lee Pickens - Guitar (Track 11) / Vocals (Track 8)
"Dirt" Stinnet - Rhythm Guitar (Track 9)
Gerald Lawrence - Vocals (Tracks 11,12)
Danny Ross - Piano (Track 11)
Dr. Wu' and Friends
Texas Blues Project, Vol. 2

1. That Ain't Right (Ashworth, Freeze & Whittington)
2. Can't Keep a Good Man Down (Ashworth & Freeze)
3. Even a Wolfman Gets the Blues (Ashworth & Freeze)
4. Bryant Irvin Road (Ashworth, Freeze & Whittington)
5. Boogie in the Rain (Ashworth & Freeze)
6. Fort Worth Bound (Ashworth & Freeze)
7. Why Is It So Hard to Say Goodbye (Ashworth & Freeze)
8. Bo Diddley Tribute (Ashworth & Freeze)
9. You Give me the Blues (Ashworth & Freeze)
10. My Man's Specialty (Ashworth & Freeze)
11. Rockin' Chuck Berry Blues (Ashworth & Freeze)
12. Slow Rollin' Train (Ashworth & Freeze)

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Bryan Freeze and Jim Ashworth at Dr. Wu Studios, Fort Worth, Texas

Copyright and published 2010

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